Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm Back - Sortof

Why have I not been posting?  Well, simply because almost every piece of artwork I do is top-secret, cannot be published for a time, or in the case of my former employer, cannot be published EVER, even when it's become public.  It's then quite hard to maintain a sketchblog (even though I know you're all saying, "yes, but don't you sketch like ALL the time?" .. no, I don't)

Anyway, I thought I'd put up a couple drawings I have been doing for myself.  I'm a product designer by trade now - I design figurines, toys, storybooks, wedding invitations, posters, costumes, clothing.  All of it is made into a consumer product, something to go to market and be bought and loved.  Some is done for various companies, some is done for myself.

Here are some clothing designs I've done for myself.  It's not so much that I yearn to be a fashion designer, but more that I just can't help myself.  I sew costumes and clothing for fun and sometimes for profit, and I have a great passion for it, so naturally I had a go on a website called, where you can submit drawings of your fashion designs, put them to a vote, promote them, etc., and if a design is popular enough, it has a good chance of being accepted for prototyping and then manufacture by the Garmz company.  The end result is your fashion design, made in all sizes, for sale in the Garmz shop, internationally.  It's quite exciting.  Here are some of the designs I've done for their site:

This is my latest one, inspired by Mad Men 1960s New York Fashion.
If you like this design, please vote for it by clicking the image and
going to its listing on
"October Foxhunt."  This design became the
#1 most popular on the Garmz site, and was
prototyped and released for sale on
December 8th, 2010.  They did a really beautiful job!
"Raindrops."  This designs has received 527 votes! It's
the #2 most popular design on Garmz.

"Holly Day Dress," a mid-century look with a
boat neck, made up in heavy satin, with quilting
at the hem.  If you like this design, please vote
for it!
"On the Thames" coat design.  I know it's a silly name!  This one's doing
alright in terms of votes, but it still needs more - it's #4 top voted right now.
Please click the image and vote for it, if you like it!

I know these aren't outstanding works of art, but working as an artist in "the real world" can sometimes do that to you.  Art as Work comes to have a specific purpose - if it's for a product design, it needs to be simple, effective, straightforward, able to be understood by manufacturers overseas.  There's not a lot of glamor in product design, especially when it has to be done THAT fast.  The glamor and satisfaction come when you see your creativity on the shelves of a retail store.  On the other hand, artwork done for poster design, invitiations, decal onto something like a photo frame or a ceramic base, etc., has to be top notch.  I'll have more to show you later with regards to "real" artwork, if you like :-).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Self Portrait 2010

Look, I made a picture! I haven't done a self-portrait in AGES. I like this one :-) Of course, I don't wear my hair like this at all...I'm actually sitting in my pajamas and haven't brushed my hair, it's ART!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skadi - Snowboard Apparel For Freestyle Girlies

I know, I know, I never update this blog and nobody reads it anymore! I've been putting all my energy into other blogs, of which I have maaaannnny, and into running my businesses.

So, the news today, is that I've mini-launched another clothing line, this one for women's snowboarding apparel. The cool thing about apparel is that it involves graphic design and illustration, funneled into a different venue than hanging-on-the-wall, or published-in-a-book.

Right now it's all about the buzz. Please visit the Facebook page and become a fan of Skadi. We're on Twitter too, and I've put up a blog (needs work, but it's there). Go, follow, join, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

American Duchess Apparel

Did you guys know I started a clothing line? American Duchess Apparel creates graphic tees that interpret the whimsical, natural, and feminine ideals of the past, with a particular focus on the 18th and 19th centuries.

It's getting towards holiday gift-giving time, so here's the flier to let you all know that the online ADA shop is up, running, ready to receive orders:

It's a pretty cool experience as an artist, working up a brand from nothing. I've done all the t-shirt illustration, of course, but also the graphic design on the fliers, labels and tags, and website (and coding too!). The business side - the world of wholesale and garment manufacture - is fascinating as well. I'm hoping to do well enough with graphic tees to release three new designs each season (once I get rolling), and to expand into other kinds of apparel, like jackets and hoodies.