Sunday, September 30, 2007

That Queen Again...

I think she's done. She was looking entirely too smooth and mooshy, so I used some textured brushes to rough her up a bit. I like that you can imply a lot of things with textured brushes, where they would normally look bad with a regular round brush. I wanted the focus to be on her face, so I think the roughness of her gown works. I like to do portraits like this, but they really have no story...I guess you could come up with a story for her, but really, she's just a portrait. It's a good exercise in painting, but not that great from a vizdev/storytelling point of view. I like her nonetheless :-).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Queen on Progress...

I was so very flattered by the comments I got on my first post of this sketch, particularly by Keath! My current contract has just about wrapped, so in a moment of serenity, I decided to work a little more on this lady. I've learned a lot about rendering and lighting while working on "Polly Pride," and it's coming out in this painting. I haven't really ever had the patience to really work on a digital painting more than, oh, a day or two, but I like her so much that I want to really render out every little bit. This whole sketch is pretty much directly from my head, so I guess it's an exercise in visualization as well. There's not really anything period about her's a bunch of different styles thrown together, but hey, it looks cool :-). Anyway, here's some progress... --Lauren

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Evil Queen (WIP)

Here's a work in progress sketchup for some ideas I've had in my head. I promised myself I would get to draw something fun if I did 10 panels for work...I only made it to 8, but that's okay. I didn't intend to take this sketch so far today, but it just sortof happened--it's hard to not knock in just a few values here and there, and maybe work a little on her face...just a little! Eventually this will be a full painting, but for now, it's a scribble :-) --L

Friday, September 14, 2007


Allen kindly checked in on me, so I drew him this griffen. I'm still alive! I've been working like crazy on my current contract, and the deadline is on the very near much all my drawing has been going towards that. When the contract is up, I'll be back to drawing stuff. This guy just popped into my head...he started out as a german shepherd :-) --L