Thursday, January 14, 2010

Self Portrait 2010

Look, I made a picture! I haven't done a self-portrait in AGES. I like this one :-) Of course, I don't wear my hair like this at all...I'm actually sitting in my pajamas and haven't brushed my hair, it's ART!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skadi - Snowboard Apparel For Freestyle Girlies

I know, I know, I never update this blog and nobody reads it anymore! I've been putting all my energy into other blogs, of which I have maaaannnny, and into running my businesses.

So, the news today, is that I've mini-launched another clothing line, this one for women's snowboarding apparel. The cool thing about apparel is that it involves graphic design and illustration, funneled into a different venue than hanging-on-the-wall, or published-in-a-book.

Right now it's all about the buzz. Please visit the Facebook page and become a fan of Skadi. We're on Twitter too, and I've put up a blog (needs work, but it's there). Go, follow, join, enjoy!