Friday, March 31, 2006


Dear people who are looking at my blog,
I am so sorry for not posting anything lately. Unfortunately, I had to order a new power cord for my laptop and it will not be here until the first week of April. This is really not cool, but is the case. So much for 2-day delivery. Anyway, I am unable to post any new work, but will get all kinds of new stuff up as soon as it is possible. Thanks again for looking at my sketchblog, and please keep checking back for new stuff. --L

Thursday, March 23, 2006


This is an animation test in response to a challenge issued by Clay Kaytis, on the ACME Animation site, in which a character had to lift an object (heaviness was optional). I am brainstorming ideas for a bit of business that will add an element of realism to this character. Any suggestions?


So here comes the first entry of my new Sketchblog. I set this site up on a recommendation from Nino Navarra, who gave a great bit of advice about making one's work accessible to potential employers. So here it is ladies and gentlemen! I intend this to be blog style, as opposed to a gallery of images. I will write about what I've been working on, my goals, the problems I'm having, etc. Hopefully, if all goes swell, the entire internet will rush to see what beautiful bit of art I've posted, but if not, I'll settle for a nice handful of people :-). So thanks for coming to my blog, and I hope you enjoy!