Tuesday, March 25, 2008


...here are some sketches from the O'Zoo! :-)
Special thanks to Aranel, Sally, and Keath for being lightning fast with your feedback on the daydreaming peasant painting. It is your comments that let me know if something is good, and might sell, or not! So thanks again!!!

Some More 16th c. FLAVA

Part 2 in my quest to create more renfaire-friendly paintings. I don't know if people will like/buy this one, but I like it, and I thought I needed something peasanty. I despise "wenches" so I had a hard time reconciling myself to paint one...so I didn't. I did a more Vermeer/Girl-With-A-Pearl-Earring image. We'll see what the response is come our next faire, which is Cain's Crossing, Auburn, Mother's Day weekend in May.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Miss Sharp

I've been watching and reading WAY too many movies and novels set in the Regency Era (about 1800-1820), so I couldn't help but randomly sketch this lady in this ridiculous hat. I think I might turn it into a card od some sort, with different silly sayings, like the front of the card will read "And that, sir, is..." and on the inside will be some funny punchline. The problem is that I am very unfunny, though. Anyone have any suggestions for funny little lines to go with this very proper lady?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Right Turn At...

Hi folks. It's been forever since I posted here, I know, and you've probably all tossed me in the "doesn't update her blog, the fiend!" pile, but I assure you I'm still around! I've decided to do some paintings for Faire that are more related to what actually happens at there...ie jousting, pirates, etc. I read a great article in TIME magazine about authenticity and consumer experience being the new necessities in selling your products, and it has caused me to think more about what my consumer might actually want, as opposed to what I want to paint. So portraits of knights on horseback? I can't complain! I love painting them!