Thursday, February 22, 2007

The "Crew of You"

For Barron's class, the assignment was to design six characters that represent aspects of yourself. They were NOT to be in any known style, like Disney, Nickelodeon, or Pixar "style," but be purely YOU. What fun! There were some specifics: 2 a different gender; 2 a different age; 1 a different species; 1 "multiple" character (like a flock of birds, or a storm trooper); 1 has a unique relationship with a force of nature. Some secondary things to think about: who is the protagonist, antagonist, friend, mentor/teacher, villain, and the "access" (regular joe) character? He also gave us some archetypes: the king, the magician, the lover, monster, and warrior. Just avenues to take, things to think on. So here are the characters I came up with. I won't explain them...just... here's the art! --L