Friday, March 23, 2007

New Things

Heya. Here's a speedpaint from a photo I took at a Renaissance Faire, and also, my new favorite thing, a piece I did for Barron Story's class, based on a story in which an adolescent boy enters a penny arcade and has a few confrontations with the different amusements (an animatronic cowboy, a worn out fortune teller machine, and a "peep show" stripper that never quite takes it all off.) I had a lot of fun with this started as a monoprint, then I tweaked that, covered it with rough gel-medium, tried the goauche-resist technique for the circles on the side...found out india ink doesn't stick to gel medium, but liked the half-washed-off look, tweaked some more...and voila...something actually cool :-). Merci --Lauren