Thursday, December 06, 2007

Redesign, etc.

I spent today revamping my website. I added a new front page last week, and realized that the rest of the site no longer matched, and also that certain pages were not accessible from the menu. So I made a new menu and header, and cleaned up the galleries a bit. I've also added a "prints" section, where people will hopefully buy things. I was so very excited by the idea of selling products (not just prints, but t-shirts and other things), that I set out to do a t-shirt design this afternoon. And here you have it :-). Syruppy cute, yes, but I like him :-). I slapped him onto a bajillion t-shirts, and whatnot, and put him up in my "design" gallery, hopefully to convince some people that yes, I am capable of designing for apparel! Anyway, you can click on this link, or the pretty t-shirt image below, if you want to buy something with this design on it :-). Shameless? yes, of course.