Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine's Birdies

I'm learning more about card how essential it is to have WORDS on your cards, so that it makes it painfully (sometimes) obvious who or what the card is for. The site I currently have my cards on ( profiles each card to make it easier to market to the right people. As a result, many of the "artists" on that site have a ton of the same graphic, just with different salutations. I don't really like that whole approach, although I have 3 versions of the chickadee card, 3 version of the goldfinch, etc. ("happy mother's day!" "happy easter!" "happy birthday!"). Anyway, the difference between those cards and this one is that this latest I made with the specific intention of adding type. Kinda's fun to break up the space with swoopy-shapes (technical name) and make the whole thing feel a bit more like an advertisement from the 19teens. Type plays a big part in those old lithos, so it's something I'd like to keep adding into my cards.

Anyway, here are some LOVEBIRDS a la V-Day :-).