Thursday, February 14, 2008

Venice Lion, Celtic Knots...Lol Wut?

Edit: So I did revisit the framing, and tightened the whole composition up. I needed the blue somewhere else besides just the feathers on the wing, so I outlined the frame with the same blue. I think it works much better now, though I will make a conserted effort with the next design (griffen) to use a different color scheme, and layout.
Here's the second card in the series of medieval animals. I'm not sure I like it! What do you guys think? The colorscheme is from source images I found of a fresco (or a manuscript page) with some lions. I don't totally dislike it, but it's not what I pictured when I started, and I feel it's too similiar to the unicorn, with the red background. I may have trouble with too-similiar color schemes, though, since paint colors were pretty limited back (indigo) and purple were expensive, and green pigments were unstable and today look black. As a result, we get ochre-terracotta-orange-black-white-and-greenish paintings from which to source and study. I may revisit this piece later...we'll see how well they do at the faires....