Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blonde No More...Self Portrait

I have to come to terms with no longer being blonde, and one of the ways I thought to accomplish this was to draw myself. I also just wanted to draw :-).
For some reason, I am unsure about digital painting only when it comes to self portraits. It's a great mystery, for I never feel so novice doing any other digital painting, any other subject, cave trolls or pirate ships or whathaveyou. Perhaps it's because I am most critical of my own just always looks like such a photoshop painting when I do this...I can't seem to keep those nice, rough strokes that are always so appealing in, say, the work of Craig Mullins. I suppose this is just something I'll resolve the more I work with photoshop and the wacom. For now, here's tonight's self portrait. --L