Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More "Flight" Color Keys

Here are some more little color keys I've done for "Flight." I'm admittedly having a tough time with them...the color, that is. As usual when I paint in Photoshop, what is in my head is not what appears on screen. I think there's something to it much like jazz just have to feel it, and let it do what it's going to do--there are no bad notes, just notes that lead to other notes. Hrm. Anyway, I'm kindof happy with some of these keys (I'm not putting up the ones I'm not happy with!). Erin has some great color sketches up, and they've helped me a bit. Oh, and the quality of these is so poor when uploaded, so do realize they're not so blurry! My apologies for that. So...more sketches para tu :-) --L