Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some Many Different Things...

This entry is going to have a couple different from projects and art from my canopic jars, in which I keep my emotions. The first, the project stuff, has taken itself in some very odd directions. I couldn't think of anything new to do, with the buffalo, so I went to look at pretty books at the Biblioteca, and I stumbled onto Winsor McCay. I have just begun to step into that capacity, so what you see with the women are drawings I did before looking at McCay, and the buffalo are after.

These other drawings are personal stuffs. Eripuuu does this often on her blog, and I find it to be an insight into her that I think people don't have into me. I think it's important that we commerical artists let our own selves leak out every once in awhile. For purely a description of subject matter, the first is a portrayal of the Greek myth of the birth of Pegasus, from the decapitated body of the Gorgon; the second and third are an Ice Queen, someone with which I seem to have a lot in common with these days. --L