Friday, December 22, 2006

Between Then and Now...

I realize it's only been a week and a half since my last final. I've drawn just a little bit, on account of being sick, but some nights I couldn't sleep, so I doodled. I'm finally getting to draw what I want to, which seems to be all pretty women...and horses, of course :-). My mother once said, "you draw ugly women," and I've been trying to remedy that since its utterance. It would seem that I am finally able to to draw a reasonably pretty's a strange feeling of accomplishment! Of course the possibilities are endless...I suppose you can expect many more in the future...

I've been on this wintry kick as of late, with the "ice queen" theme. It's all Christmassy and cold and, heavily draped women, women with fur collars, women with big coats. A lot of middle eastern influence has been finding its way in there too, which is probably as much to do with my last art history class (Florentine Art, 15th century) as the arabic influence on our

Christmas traditions and decorations. It's

something I could explore more...

I went to see "Apocalypto." IT WAS TERRIBLE! Do NOT go see that movie! Oh, it was awful, for sure! However, despite the film mashing two distinct civilizations together, and forgetting to include a plot, there was a lot of visual interest...another vizdever's "wet dream" (like that unfortunate Pirates 2). So I gulped in whatever I could see that was not covered in blood, and doodled when I got home...this drawing, then, is

solely from whatever inspiration I could gleen from that atrocity, and has just about nothing to do with what I learned about the Maya (or Aztec, for that matter) this semester. Sad...but I like the drawing.

So doodles for you...a week and a half's worth of scribbles. I plan to draw a lot during January, so I will hopefully have stuff to post often :-). Until then...or until I get back to a computer to post new