Monday, July 09, 2007

Marie Antoinette

I finally saw "Marie Antoinette," and was totally blown away! Yes, yes, the costuming was amazing, inspiring, dumbfounding, incredible, sublime, but the movie itself was also very good. I was so inspired, I ran off and sewed historical costumes, and did this little speedpainting from a movie still.

I can see why the film didn't hold up under the fickle and coarse scrutiny of the American box office, but as an art film, it was truly fabulous. It felt very Coppola, in those long, quiet, intense shots, perfectly composed, and left to linger onscreen for slightly longer than we expect. I was pleasantly surprised, since I was fully expecting a beautiful costume movie with no plot. It was, however, inspiring in so many ways. For anyone who understands film, see it...but I recommend you brush up a little on your French history (it's understandable without it, but the importance of the events are made that much more intense if you know the context).

Go forth to Netflix and queue, my friends!