Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yes, it's hard to believe, but I did draw from life today, at the Oakland Zoo, with good friend Ian. It was great! The weather was beautiful, the kids tolerable, and the animals visible. I decided to take a sampling, instead of drawing just one animal for the whole time, and it was quite more counting drawings, waiting for new poses, getting frustrated when you don't get the shapes was a genuinely enjoyable drawing day. So I drew tigers, giraffes, zebras, even a lion or two (I've been to the O Zoo at least 10 times without ever seeing the lions, not that I wasn't looking). I'm posting up the best stuff here, and also some photos I took. Don't be fooled by the photos...they didn't look like this before entering my computer. The nice thing about having a 7 megapixel camera is that you can take pictures of things that are far away, and blow them up in Photoshop to create a pleasing composition, whilst retaining the detail and sharpness of the subject. Toss in there a little levels adjustment, re-saturate it, and a little blur in the background, and you've got a nice picture...that is, you've got a photo closely resembling the magic of what you originally saw with your own eyes. Very pleasing :-).

Cheers! --L