Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I Love My Job...

Gathering reference and having fun at the same time! I visited the Northern California Renaissance Faire this past weekend (AKA Casa de Renfaire), and guested with St. Bride's, a guild who had commissioned me to paint the guildleader's wife and prettylittle baby.

For the first time this faire season I got to walk around, shop, and enjoy the faire. I actually bought stuff, which is a rare occurance for me, but I was so enchanted with the totally different things that this faire had to offer that you just don't see at the others.

I also got to chat with the Knights of Avalon, and look through their photographer's proofbooks and pick out beautiful photographs to work up their paintings from. I also took some of my own, and was all set to actually get to go out on the field o' battle with them to shoot reference, but the proofs I looked at were way better than anything I could have shot, so I ended up staying off the stomping grounds, though now I'm sortof wishing I'd had that experience of being on the field with five knights :-).

All in all, a really nice day, and I even got to wear a new dress, tee hee :-).
And who can argue with this guy? I mean, really!