Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Murderer of Marigolds

I did not include any copy on this picture - do you guys think it needs it? I was thinking "I'm in your pots...eating your flowers." or some such. Keath, you're good at LolSpeak, what should it say?

I have a little seed of an idea to, after awhile, compile all of these little LolPup drawings into a little book - maybe publish it on - and make it available here on the ole blog. I see a lot of sketchbloggers doing this and it alway seems pretty cool, so what do you all think?

As for the drawing, does anybody else have trouble with their dogs digging out the flower pots? For the longest time, the three flower pots and Avi coexisted in peace, but I think she got bored one day and dug half the dirt out of one of them. A great mystery remains as to how she managed to transport the large pile of dirt from the pot to the other side of the patio with no trace of scratch marks or trails of dirt. I may never figure that one out. I theorized that something was perhaps living in the pot, but then realized that the only thing living in the pot was a single stubby marigold, which I now believe Avi made it her business to destroy with great relish. She has since abandoned the pot.