Monday, October 16, 2006

"Black Beauty" Work in Progress

I'm trying to put together some more finished pieces of artwork for my portfolio, based on some of the development sketches I have. That is, I have a whole bunch of good drawings of horses in harness (or carmel mission, people on donkeys, etc.), but no finished drawings to make it all portfolio-worthy. This, in combination with what Bunny said about there not being enough color work in SJSU portfolios, has spurred me to develop some "display pieces." I do a lot of color character work in Photoshop, and have pretty good success with it, but none of those characters are appropriate for portfolio (read: I don't think Pixar wants to see nude fairies or cat-women), so I've taken the same process I use for those drawings, and have applied it to my "display pieces." The first is what you see here, a WIP for a horse in harness, to supplement my, well, supplemental drawings. I think he's going fairly well. I have a lot of work to do on the harness, of course, but then I'm kindof liking the line and solid hue look--kindof "Triplets of Bellville"-ish. I've also seen artists (noteably Wendling) use a gradiant as the fill color, which gives it that nice flat look, with a bit more interest. I may just render it out, too...I'm afraid of having a totally volumetric horse and just that flat harness. I'll likely finish this drawing soon, so I'll post it in its final form then :-). --L