Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oodles of Doodles, Part Deux

I have a whole mess of drawings to show you. I got super-inspired by the events of last week, one of which was going to Pixar and talking with very encouraging people, as well as seeing the amazing art all over the walls. Seeing that mecca just makes me want to work harder to get there...we've touched paradise, and now we just need to find a way in there.

Anyway, so I went down to Carmel today to do some studies of the mission, and also try to get a handle on what it looked like before its renovation in the 1930s. I was there for about 4 hours, maybe more, and got a whole passle of drawings...I've selected the best ones to show you here, so do enjoy :-).
Also, here's some other development work from the "Flight" scene my group is working on. I delved into horse harnesses (I'll post those later), and also sketched how the mother might look on her wee donkey, with her skirts flowing almost to the ground. More "Flight" stuff--you're going to be sick of it soon!

Some other doodles for you...and "real" doodles...some unicorn designs that vary from the norm. I'd like to explore this more, so maybe there'll be more drawings up in the future.

I'm putting together an updated portfolio. The whole idea behind the portfolios was to be able to just go in an replace drawings, but I'm ending up replacing entire pages. This is a good thing, but a lot of work...hopefully it'll pay off in, like, an internship :-)