Thursday, June 07, 2007

Costume Stuff

I put up a "costume" gallery on my webpage officiale for the purpose of showing off what things I have actually made, and the drawings I did for them. It's also got pages of just costume sketches on it, since those, it seems to me, are way more impressive than the actual garments, ahaha. I'm hoping to get into a costume shop somewhere, maybe Berkeley. I expect I'll have to work my way up, just like you would's just that right now my resume reflects only my animation/illustration experience, and absolutely nothing related to costuming. Hopefully I can get some potential employers to make their judgements based on my work. I feel kindof like a hack, or a fake, or something, but maybe all entry level folks feel that way at first. Somebody somewhere is going to give us poor college grads a chance to learn the trade. These are two little color sketches I did for a page of Elizabethan concepts. The brown dress is my own gown, and the red and blue are what I'd rather be wearing, hahaha. --Lauren