Thursday, June 28, 2007

MiniFig Madness

I've been working madly on a test for Netdevil, a game developer in Colorado currently working on a new MMO called "Lego Universe." (Excited to create your mini-fig alterego?? Me too!) My first couple of attempts were SO off-the-mark, and even kindof embarassing, but I restarted and came up with this lego ninja dude, currently in-progress (left to right).

The way I currently interpret the assignment (because I didn't interpret it correctly the first time!), is that I ought to draw a mini-fig character, and put him in a setting. The focus is the mini-fig, and the background is there to support him. I did my best with the composition--avoided tangents, used leading lines, overlapped objects and made them lighter as they recede into space, narrowly used the rule of 3rds--but the only thing I'm a little worried about is the use of red lanterns. Red tends to draw the eye, which is sortof what I wanted since the ninja is supposed to be hidden in darkness, but I also want ninj-o to be the first read. If you have any comments at all, please PLEASE leave them so I can make this the best I can, and move to Colorado :-) --Lauren

Edit: The single image is the current "finished" version...there isn't much of a difference...just cleaner in places, and I amped some highlights around the swords. I sent it off to NetDevil, and asked if there's anything more I can do to it.