Monday, May 05, 2008

Hippogryph Card

Here she is, the hippogryph card I've been slaving over! I decided to do an a-typical color scheme, inspired by the coloration of peregrine falcons. This card isn't really a match with the other "medieval beasts" I've doesn't take its styling cues from old manuscripts, art, or frescoes. It's just straight out of my head, and was actually much more of a challenge. Hopefully this one'll win its way into The Gargoyle Store, too, or at least people's mailboxes and gift packages :-).

The first Campbell Art Walk for me is May 16th, and I will be showing in The Stone Griffin. I can't wait! I'm setting up the particulars right now, and will be ordering some more art in the next day or two. I can almost hardly believe it!

I also signed on with Avenue-1, an art academy in downtown SJ, to teach classes this summer, and hopefully longer. I'm terribly excited about this as well. I will have more on both these events later.

Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire is this weekend, in Auburn, CA, so for anyone in the area, drop by and have your portrait drawn :-)