Thursday, August 07, 2008

The First Crow

And now...a piece of "real" art. Every once in awhile I go off on these "real" art kicks where I make something (or things) that are completely random, with whatever seems to be lying around. They are often kindof dark, and messy, and 100% serendipitous. I "do things" to the painting that then take it to a different place or a different level. Then I do more things. I add and add until it tells me it is done. It's very artsy-fartsy, and very relaxing.

This one's "The First Crow," mostly because there is a second crow, and will probably be more after that too. He started as a drawing, and came out a painting, encased in resin and sealed into a rustic-looking frame that reminds me of a creepy old house in the woods at Lake Tahoe. This little dude is for sale on, in case you want him! He's also to be hung at the KALEID Gallery, in San Jose, where I am currently showing some work.