Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nevermind All That...

Ok, so I know I said I wanted to expand this blog to include book and movie reviews, but I've decided instead to move it all to another, separate, and equally as fabulous blog:

The Wolf & Willow - All Things Artsy

I will review books, movies, DVDs, art shows I go to, artists I run into.
I will also perhaps post about crafting things, artsy events like faires, possibly even some tutorials, who knows!

The site is set up as a monetary blog, just so you all know. I don't want this site to turn into one big advertisement, so I apologize for that and will keep it strictly for sketches and artwork. Wolf and Willow, though, is a grand experiment to see if I can accomplish what others have apparently accomplished, in having blogs that generate $moolah$. We'll see, lol.

So go check it out when you have time! I've crossposted the last book review onto it, so there's only one thing there now, but I will be adding more as we go along :-).