Sunday, April 09, 2006

Piratey Goodness!

Aaargh! The project in Visual Development right now is to create the world (and character) of the Widow Ching, a lady pirate in 19th century China. I'm having entirely too much fun with the chinese pirate ships, "junks," and here are a couple more-developed sketches. I've done pages and pages of ideations, but not as many as I need! I realize what a challenge it is dealing with ships--all that rigging is crazy. I have just some of the rigging on these drawings. It's complicated! I'm having a hard time getting out of my Western mindset and trying to figure out how these Chinese junks sailed: the sails look backwards to me and there don't appear to be any booms. It really is all about research and thumbnails on this project, but I couldn't ask for better subject matter! Arrrgh...enjoy the piratey goodness!