Thursday, April 06, 2006

This Week's Sketches

Hi All! It's been a pretty crazy week, with all kinds of character designs, layouts, and storyboards due, so I've been working mostly on those. Never you fear, though, faithful readers! I did not forget you! Here are some "fun-with-toned-paper" sketches. I acquired a set of sepia-colored pens in various nib widths (and one a brush), and also a pen with white ink, and so I have been playing with these new tools and having a pretty good time of it. So here we have (surprise!) more horses, inspired by a night of watching "Hidalgo" and getting great reference for my 30-second film "Rodeo." And just to show I've been drawing something besides horses, here's a 10 minute figure drawing from Monday's session.

And that's it for now :-) Thanks for the awesome comment, Socks, and the rest of y'all "work hard, do good work, and never give up!" --L