Monday, October 13, 2008

Horses and Stock

I've set up a new blog recently called "Sketch of the Horse," where I will be putting all my horsey sketches and paintings. Never fear, though, for I will put them here as well! This is an in-progress horsey paint sketch, to work more with Corel Painter, and have some stuff to put on the new SotH blog (I'm on a webring now; I have more of an obligation!).
Also, some stock illustration. I've been doing bunches of totally random stuff. Whatever pops into my mind. In taking a look at the "most downloaded" examples, though, I see a lot of this heraldry/design elements kind of stuff. It's useful, for sure! So I jumped on the "wings&banners&swirls OH MY!" bandwagon and made some of my own. Kindof fun :-). The one with the deer is a vintagey label thing...see? completely random. But hey, if two people have downloaded my page of horsey silhouettes, and I have made $0.60, then maybe they will like my other things as well :-). If for some reason you want to buy my vector stock illustrations, they're on