Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stock Heraldry

Who wants a royalty-free coat-of-arms? hehe, get it? :-D

I've been looking at the "most downloaded" files on the Vectorstock website, and finding that cool swirlies and heraldry are still the top, most beloved downloads, and the people making that cool stuff are getting all the money (well, the small amounts of money that thousands of $0.30 downloads amounts to.) So I am now on a quest to create hundreds of stock files, which I am sure I will find useful along the way, as well, and might possibly someday figure out how to put on other stock sites like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock, both which seem somehow more difficult to use. The idea is that they get more traffic, which equals more downloads and more pennies for me, though I will not be having an exclusive on one site or another, so I will not get the best rate, that being 25cents instead of 30cents. See? But I've been running into troubles with trying to upload stuff, so I will keep working on it in the future. And keep working on stock! It's fun, and I don't feel like I am completely wasting my time. I can use the stock images for t-shirts (cafepress) and greeting cards (, which may also generate me some passive income pennies.

J is of a mind that I just need to create more More MORE. Sounds familiar - DRAW DRAW DRAW, right Sheldon? He's right, so I am honing my skills in all things, from painting to vector illustration to costuming. I must be saleable in many areas for this whole freelance things to work.