Thursday, March 26, 2009

Embroidery Madness

Last night I learned how to embroider. That's right, after reading an incredibly enlightening blog - Sublime Stitching - I got me some embroidery flosses, a hoop, and started stitching. I am shocked at how easy it is! I made a small daily and felt quite proud of myself, and now visions of amazingly embroidered everythings are running through my head.

Embroidery is quite popular for Elizabethan and Jacobean clothing, particularly blackwork. I've always loved blackwork, and now intend to decorate the collar and cuffs of my new shirt. It's mono-chromatic, and I have a not-too-complex pattern all ready to go, so I'll start on that sometime soon.

I also want to embroider a caul and a purse, and thought it would be fun to try to make my own design. My costuming partner-in-crime has assigned me The Owl as my "familiar," since I'm making the insane Barn Owl Gown for Halloween, and generally love them, so I made up this little half-Jacobean-half-modern-looking circular owl design. The caul will be worked in black, and the purse will be polychrome (fancy word for multi-colored). Is this overly complicated? Not too much...only a couple fills, and the rest just lines. Fun stuff!
The finished vector version of this pattern, along with 3 others, is available to purchase HERE on Etsy.