Thursday, March 05, 2009

Avi of the Day - Little Patient Waiter

Avi likes to ride in the car. The problem is she is not very good at it. She stands in the front seat and looks out the windshield, but she doesn't quite have the balance down. She doesn't understand that if she just sits down, or even better, lays down, in the seat, all her problems will be solved.
While Avi likes going to and from destinations, she doesn't like waiting in the car at all. She lets loose the most pitiful and heart-rending series of puppy-cries you've ever heard, in a desperate plea to convince me to come back to the car. She stops keening when she can't see me anymore, and typically curls up and snoozes.

Upon returning, whether it's been 30 seconds or 30 minutes, I've never seen a happier dog. It's like I've been gone for the entire day. Perhaps in her little puppy brain it has seemed that long! She is a bundle of wiggles and joyful kisses. She is either truly happy to see me, or this is her attempt to get me to drive to the dog park, for that is the REAL and ONLY reason to get in the car, no?